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Maid in the Shade® is our very own collection of native rhododendrons,
hybridized by Jeff Beasley. These are tried and true performers
that laugh at the heat and humidity in our Southern gardens,
with fragrances as beautiful as their colors.

'Camilla's Blush'
(Rhododendron canescens)

Ball shaped trusses cover this hardy plant. Soft pink blossoms held within the truss perfume the air with a delightful fragrance. An early presentation that is sure to delight any gardener.
Zone 6. Height- to 8'.
Available in 3 G.

'Lavender Girl'
(Rhododendron periclymenoides)

Soft lavender blooms have a diffuse white blotch and are some of the earliest flowers one can enjoy in late March and April. Fragrance is an added charm.
Zone 4. Height 6' to 8'.
Available in 3G.


'Lisa's Gold'
(Rhododendron austinum)

Bright gold flowers will lift your spirits in early Spring. Becomes a huge, hardy plant covered with trusses of pure bright gold, creating a vision of loveliness and fragrance.
Zone 6. Height 10' to 12'
Available in 3G.

'My Mary'
(R. atlanticum x R. periclymenoides) x R. austinum

The large flowers are pure yellow and fragrant, blooming in April. They adorn a hardy plant with think, dark green foliage. A superb offering, unsurpassed in its beauty.
Zone 6. Height 8 '.
Available in 3G and 7G.

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